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Presto (Prologue)
There lives a pony who loves all things magic
Enchantments and spells are his passion
As a colt, he loved every Unicorn trick
And he loves them still as a Stallion
This pony I speak of has one simple problem
He is missing what most would think vital
But he turned that detail into his stardom
Now the masses applaud his arrival
With no wings and no horn this pony enthralls
Casting spells and taking to flight
He draws cheers from the crowd walking up and down walls
On stage he’s a brilliant sight
He does what no Unicorn could ever achieve
Their tricks are easily explained
Without a horn his magic becomes hard to believe
Something Unicorns just can’t obtain
One question stays prominent in everypony’s mind
It’s what makes the show so dramatic
The answer is something they all try to find
Just how does an Earth Pony do magic
This secret is one that he guards with a passion
Without it there would be no show
For the key to his wizardry lies in deception
A truth that n
:iconscarletice:scarletice 1 0
Chaotic Thoughts
Order is boring
So calm and subdued
I just feel like snoring
But I’m not one to brood
I’ll make my own fun
It brings me such joy
While the world comes undone
To tease and annoy
So what if there’s some
That dislike my antics
I say they are dumb
(Like certain pink fabrics)
But they seem quite intent
These two Alicorn sisters
To make me relent
Though they won’t be the winners
At least that’s what I thought
Then they sealed me in stone
I can’t believe I was caught
And what’s worse? I’m outshone!
I can’t do a thing
I can’t walk, I can’t talk
I can’t roll up the block
And then use it as chalk
My powers are locked
I can’t tease taunt or mock
So long as I’m trapped in this prison of rock
My options of late
Number one fourth of eight
One, I can think and two, I can wait.
I can wait ‘til the state of my favourite trait
Escalates ‘til it’s power negates my cruel fate
And what have we now?
This mi
:iconscarletice:scarletice 1 0
Find the Music in You Rehearsal Transcription by scarletice Find the Music in You Rehearsal Transcription :iconscarletice:scarletice 19 6
New Year Spirit
Bounce up, take a chance
Go ahead, make up a dance
Don't hold back
Pick up the slack
And have a little fun
It's a new day, a premier
So step it up and commandeer
Your attitude
Don't be a prude
Let's celebrate the New Year!
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
No Subject
I want to write some poetry
It's just been far too long
Since I last made words make others see
The thoughts that I have drawn
I want to but my mind's a blank
I'm short a clever muse
As if my thoughts have been embanked
I'm hopelessly bemused
I suppose there's nothing for it
I just need to let it be
Eventually I'll find my wit
And grant my words esprit
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
My subjective glass of wine.
I recall a man I saw today
He told me how he loved to play
His six string every single day
And this wine tastes bitter.
I read about another man
Who today finished his ten year plan
He regaled the day it all began
My god this wine is bitter.
Many memories insist
Of list after unfinished list
I can't forget that they exist
Why is this wine so bitter?
Heavy upon me these thoughts weigh
So I grab my guitar and drift away
And lose myself as I just play
I admit this wine's not that bitter.
:iconscarletice:scarletice 1 0
Here I sit
Here I sit so very sleepy
Contemplating things so deeply
And typing them out oh so neatly
Just because I can.
Outside my window sounds inspire
The whoosh of twice paired spinning tires
It fills me with a great desire
To write because I can.
Though passing minutes dare to haunt me
Ignoring them helps me feel free
To live for now in fantasy
Just because I can
But now I must do what's required
Of one who lives by being hired
Else fear the threat of being fired
I face my obligations.
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 1
A Sonnet for Scootaloo
A little filly dreams of flying high,
All that she wants is to be like one mare.
To soar and streak and Dash across the sky,
The thought excites her more than she can bare.
So every day she gives it all she’s got
To emulate the Pegasus she hails.
However, she keeps landing on her plot.
No matter what she tries she always fails.
Her wings, they just won’t keep her off the ground.
Poor filly just can’t figure what to do.
How cruel for one with wings to be earthbound.
A tragic twist of fate for Scootaloo.
In time she will see all of what fate brings,
Her super special talent needs no wings.
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
Discord's Waltz by scarletice Discord's Waltz :iconscarletice:scarletice 0 8 Celebration by scarletice Celebration :iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
Flaws of a Fandom
Why do we chase you?
Why can't we help but to
Feel the way we do?
Trouble follows you
But we help see you through
We can't help our love for you
You're dangerous indeed
But we don't care
Our love is bare
Though at times we let our tempers flare
We must seem such apes
Jumping into scrapes
Making such mistakes
Please try our point of view
We thought we had lost you
I guess we can be clumsy too
Your flaws reflect our own
Perhaps that's why
Our spirits fly
To see your playful winking eye.
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
A Perfect Day by scarletice A Perfect Day :iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0 Pokemon- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky- Apple W by scarletice Pokemon- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky- Apple W :iconscarletice:scarletice 0 0
The day is done, you must be weary
Your bed is warm and soft
Climb on in, the night is dreary
Just let yourself doze off
Lay your head, it looks so tired
This pillow here will do
So perfectly it has conspired
To lull and comfort you
Close your eyes, your dreams await
To show you things of wonder
You can't stay up, it's much too late
Now's the time for slumber
:iconscarletice:scarletice 2 1
Add two with two
Take two
Double that, then add two
Triple that, then divide it by two
Third that, then add two
Now take what you have and times it by two
Next you will need to subtract two
And again subtract two
Once more take two
Take two
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 6
Pinkie Pie
Proof of her joy
Is in every breath she takes
Nonsense and whimsy
Kindles the laughter she makes
It always feels like a party
Even her mistakes
Poor pink pony
Interring such deep aches
Enveloping them in joy
:iconscarletice:scarletice 0 8


We are so SCREWED :Yogs card by Jowybean We are so SCREWED :Yogs card :iconjowybean:Jowybean 157 11 An den Nagel by thepenthatisbroken An den Nagel :iconthepenthatisbroken:thepenthatisbroken 2 2 Ties of Friendship by Jiayi Ties of Friendship :iconjiayi:Jiayi 7,354 601 A Princess Here Before Us... Behold!  Behold! by harwicks-art A Princess Here Before Us... Behold! Behold! :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 3,497 556 Stonebolt - Mystery Solved by Stonebolt Stonebolt - Mystery Solved :iconstonebolt:Stonebolt 2,094 356 Explore ponyville by Drud14 Explore ponyville :icondrud14:Drud14 4,543 3,356 Reading Rainbow by Equestria-Prevails Reading Rainbow :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 7,138 813 Doctor Whooves Adventure by HereticOfDune Doctor Whooves Adventure :iconhereticofdune:HereticOfDune 1,291 95 Picnic... with Kindness by Devinian Picnic... with Kindness :icondevinian:Devinian 4,337 351 Animation stuff for flash (pony) rigs by Snapai Animation stuff for flash (pony) rigs :iconsnapai:Snapai 127 20 Avast! Fluttershy at 150 BPM (+Screensaver) by The-Paper-Pony Avast! Fluttershy at 150 BPM (+Screensaver) :iconthe-paper-pony:The-Paper-Pony 5,009 1,021 The Sweetie Belle Problem by doubleWbrothers The Sweetie Belle Problem :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 2,574 698 Princess Sugarlicious Bonquisha Shanana Sparkle Do by johnjoseco Princess Sugarlicious Bonquisha Shanana Sparkle Do :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 2,322 472 No cookies here by klystron2010 No cookies here :iconklystron2010:klystron2010 538 82 DooDooDoo Gif:  Daring Swinging In by 1n33d4hug DooDooDoo Gif: Daring Swinging In :icon1n33d4hug:1n33d4hug 1,556 114 DooDooDoo Gif:  Daring by 1n33d4hug DooDooDoo Gif: Daring :icon1n33d4hug:1n33d4hug 1,238 83


EverfreeNW has me all pumped to do some more writing so hopefully I'll be putting up some new stuff soon!


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Oh, I bet you'd LOVE to know, wouldn't you?


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jack-y-zhang Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Just listened to the commentary from the Season 1 DVD, I believe they actually mentioned you specifically during the Cutie Mark Crusaders episode. [link]
scarletice Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah I saw that! I feel special XD
BowlOfPotatoes Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
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Your move.
scarletice Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I gotta hand it to you. You were right. Also, I'm impressed that you remembered my deviantart...
BowlOfPotatoes Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
I made a mental note in case I ever needed to stalk you. Obviously, that came in handy.
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Oh, well um... Hello Batman.
BlueOneTrunk Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
You may remember me from Everfree NW. I was the hero that the con needed.
scarletice Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
But did we deserve you?
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